Outpost24 introduces Exposure Management Platform


Outpost24 has  introduced its Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform, which is an integrated exposure management solution.

The integrated exposure management solution is designed to empower organisations to continuously monitor and proactively remediate threats against the growing attack surface. 

As a result of digital transformation, increased adoption of SaaS applications and the use of cloud technologies, businesses are seeing a rapidly expanding attack surface, making critical assets more vulnerable.

Alongside this expanding attack surface, organisations are seeing an explosion of vulnerabilities and a shortening time to exploit. Unfortunately, this increased threat is made difficult to manage with current tools that lack prioritisation based on exploitability and business context.

The current approach of most cybersecurity teams is inadequate and necessitate a significant security enhancement to thwart the oncoming waves of sophisticated threats in a way that makes sense for the business. 

The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform is a dedicated exposure management offering that enables increased efficiency and powerful protection designed to enhance the overall security posture of businesses.

Through a single platform, businesses can address the complexities surrounding modern attack surfaces with continuous, constant, and clear visibility of their IT environment, which includes internal, external, and cloud-based apps and infrastructure, so says the company.

Gartner named Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) a top trend for 2024, and The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform enables all steps of Gartner’s definition, which includes scoping, discovery, prioritisation, validation, and mobilisation to proactively reduce risk and increase resiliency. 

Outpost24 claims that their Exposure Management Platform has the following capabilities:

  • Gain a consistent and clear view of their attack surface, including internal, external, and cloud-based apps and infrastructure.
  • Lower the chance of a data breach from business-critical applications with deeper and more frequent assessments of discovered assets. 
  • Minimide exposure windows with automated security assessments of every application and infrastructure asset powered by custom workflows. 
  • Reduce business risk with prioritization that goes beyond CVSS ratings, based on threat-informed exploitability and red team validation. 
  • Access to forum resources on pressing needs with user-friendly interface, enabling business priority mapping and APIs that can connect to internal remediation processes and systems.

“We are excited about the direction of the Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform,” said Karl Thedéen, CEO at Outpost24. “This comprehensive solution is designed to enhance organisational security postures by addressing the complexity of today’s attack surfaces.” 

“Organisations face a lack of visibility into their rapidly expanding attack surfaces, an endless number of vulnerabilities that no organisation can ever fully remediate, and disconnected prioritisation lists across many tools.

“Our platform simplifies the management of security risks by consolidating these efforts, not only improving security postures but also optimising resource allocation, making it an essential solution for any security-conscious organisation.” 

“Organisations looking to implement a Continuous Threat Exposure Management program are in need of a solution that helps reduce the burden of aligning their security programs along business value and active threat priorities,” shared Brendan Hogan, Chief Strategy Officer at Outpost24. “Our platform is one of the most comprehensive CTEM solutions on the market. Our customers are very excited about how our platform meets their needs and the direction we are headed.”

The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform capabilities include External Attack Surface Management, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing as a Service, Automated pen testing and Red teaming, and Identity and Access management.

To have a live demo of Outpost24’s Exposure Management platform, please click here, or to learn more about Outpost24’s comprehensive product offering, please click here.

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