Outpost24 introduces enhanced threat intelligence technology in Outscan NX to automate vulnerability risk management


Outpost24 have announced the release of a new Vulnerability Risk Management solution, Outscan NX. The utilisation of threat intelligence-led vulnerability prioritisation technology (VPT), along with automated network and cloud security assessment, provides a risk-based approach to vulnerability management that cut cost, save time and efficiently focus on reducing the biggest risks for your organisation.

With this advanced technology, vulnerability exposure time can be significantly reduced based on exploitability, to mitigate against ransomware and other real-world cyber threats.

What’s new:

Outscan NX is an advanced vulnerability risk management solution that offers businesses a next-generation approach to securing their networks and cloud environments.

Powered by evidence-based threat intelligence, this innovative tool uses attacker behavioural data and advanced machine learning models to analyse and predict the likelihood of a vulnerability being weaponised and exploited over time.

By providing easy-to-understand and solution-based risk ratings, Outscan NX enables organisations to prioritise cloud and network vulnerabilities beyond the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) by addressing real threats before they can be exploited by attackers.

According to the Ponemon Institute study, a staggering 60% of breaches occur as a result of known vulnerabilities that have gone unpatched. Additionally, more than half of respondents (52%) are unable to respond to vulnerabilities due to manual processes.

These findings underscore the crucial need for organisations to adopt a risk-based approach to vulnerability remediation. By proactively identifying real risks and deploying automated measures to mitigate them, organisations can effectively prevent exploitation in the wild.

Such an approach is paramount to increasing security efficiency and improving cyber resilience against evolving threats.

Outpost24’s Outscan NX is a fully integrated solution and provides a consolidated view of the biggest risks that an organisation face in their networks, endpoints, and cloud environments:

• Threat intelligence based risk rating for security teams to identify and prioritise vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk, saving valuable time and resources
• Agent based scanning to monitor hybrid and remote workers’ endpoints to minimise risk of disconnected assets for greater security controls
• Scanning less scanning provides a snapshot of your network and alerts you of potential new risks as they appear in between scans
• Solution-based reporting empowers security leaders with actionable insights to enhance their decision-making on risk mitigation and remediation strategies.
• Hybrid and multiple cloud security scanning ensures consistent checks for misconfigurations across all major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), including AWS, Azure, and GCP in a single console

Outscan NX is available immediately. More information here: https://outpost24.com/products/risk-based-vulnerability-management


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