OX Security and HCLSoftware announces strategic partnership

OX Security

OX Security has unveiled a strategic OEM partnership program with HCLSoftware, which means OX Security will integrate its advanced capabilities into HCL AppScan Supply Chain Security.

This partnership incorporates OX Security’s technological expertise and features, including reachability analysis, SBOM (Software Bill of Materials), comprehensive application inventory, SaaSBOM, SCA (Software Composition Analysis) detection, and API exposure management, into the HCL AppScan suite of application security testing technologies.

“As part of our mission to eliminate manual AppSec, we’re excited to collaborate with HCLSoftware to provide thousands more customers access to modern technology,” said Meir Eliyahu, VP of Partnerships at OX Security. “Our collaboration isn’t just about integrating technologies; it’s about redefining software supply chain security.

“By embedding our advanced Active ASPM solutions into HCLSoftware’s offerings and making them available to others, we’re setting a new standard for enterprise security and compliance.”

Through its OEM capabilities, OX Security empowers AppSec organisations with advanced security features for their customers. This partnership marks a significant step in protecting critical assets while enhancing digital security and resilience.

“Risk management is plagued by inefficiencies and overwhelmed with irrelevant data,” said Lior Arzi, Co-founder and CPO of OX Security. “Our partnership provides a transformative solution that refines risk assessment, empowering organisations to strengthen their security with precision and efficiency.”

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