Secure Logiq Power of Partnerships Digital Twin celebrates big success with over 1,600 visitors

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Secure Logiq’s Power of Partnerships digital doppelganger of its physical stand at The Security Event attracted 1,609 visitors since its launch a few weeks before the physical trade show began.

Developed by Security on Screen, the digital twin received 266 visits in just one day – April 17, when the concept officially launched across Secure Logiq’s website, which was also shared by its partners, 360 Vision, IntelexVision, LenelS2, Milestone and VCA Technology.

In the following days the virtual stand received a steady stream of visitors, who were mostly from the UK, but also from the US, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany, South Africa, UAE and many other countries – 46 in total. This demonstrates its global reach of the brand awareness campaign, and also the potential for reaching customers who would be inaccessible otherwise.

Virtual Twin technology is new but up-and-coming, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of helping to develop this concept which is still relatively unknown. Over the last 18 months Security on Screen has been busy building a dedicated virtual environment ( and providing support to manufacturers at trade shows in conjunction with its partner V-Ex. The Virtual Trade Show Twin concept means people who would never attend a specific event still get to see a brand’s presence at that show – the stands can be ‘open’ or ‘gated’ and all actions taken in an environment are recorded to provide metrics that support the return on investment made.

For example, the Power of Partnerships digital twin stand featured ‘hotspots’ – interactive tiles on which visitors could click and explore further content. With its metrics platform, Security on Screen can analyse which of these hotspots were most and least popular, and also offers great marketing insight into the sort of content which gains most traction.

Covering two weeks around the live show the Digital Twin campaign achieved:

•             109,616 LinkedIn audience identified

•             16,434 LinkedIn audience members viewed

•             1,526 Active online stand visitors

•             Visitors from 46 countries taking part

Security on Screen MD and Founder, Peter Mawson, commented: “Marketing is changing and coming away from traditional magazines and online only flip books that won’t share open rates and actions. I’m delighted that Security on Screen has been able to exclusively align with the industry-leading provider of these unique, transparent and measurable environments.  They help users learn more about a manufacturer’s products and capabilities, as well as to assist integrators who want to demonstrate their services in various vertical markets.

“Working with the Power of Partnerships (Secure Logiq and its partners) to support their appearance at The Security Event proved to be a real success and increased the visibility of their show appearance by over 1500 individuals. We look forward to delivering more Virtual Twins to the forward-thinking companies we spoke to at the show that saw the Power of Partnerships Virtual Twin.”

Robin Hughes, Founder at Secure Logiq adds: “Our Digital Twin experience was such a success – just brilliant! it definitely stimulated curiosity and drove new potential customers to the stand before the show even started. The reach outside of the attendees was enormous too with over 5 times the logged leads on the stand visiting our virtual duplicate from every continent in the world!

“We are so excited to be the first to bring this new technology to our industry and the results just speak for themselves. The show itself was extremely busy for us and the fact we have an indelible footprint online for visitors and other potential customers to learn why the ‘Power of Partnerships’ exists and the opportunity to understand the integrations we bring together with our partners is sure to continue to stimulate interest until the next big event. It is so hard to quantify the return on investment from an exhibition but allowing for a virtual presence to back up our physical attendance has certainly reaped rewards.”

Faz Colbhie, UK Commercial & Marketing Strategist for 360 Vision Technology, says: “360 Vision Technology really enjoyed featuring on the virtual stand which was a totally new concept for us! The Predator and Invictus cameras we were promoting were in-situ virtually as they were on the stand itself, and we received loads of comments from those who visited the show that it was seeing the stand online pre-event that had encouraged them to stop by and learn more. The icing on the cake, of course, is that the show may be over – but the Digital Twin is still online and there for the world to see, whether as a reminder for those who attended, or as an educational and informative tool for those who were unable to go! Big thanks to Peter, Tom and the SOS team who worked incredibly hard with the Power of Partnerships crew to make it all possible!”

VCA Technology’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Gary Mercer, continues: “VCA has been a market leader since Video Analytics became a key part of the surveillance industry. Being at the front end of technology can have its challenges but the new virtual twin tech from Security On Screen really delivered above and beyond what we were expecting. It was very easy to monitor and react to the interest the stand generated before the show opened its doors and we’re still seeing visitors to our ‘hotspots’ now – and the show finished three weeks ago!”

Intelex Product and Marketing Director, Radek Dzik, adds: “The digital twin of our booth at TSE Birmingham 2024 was a game-changer! It attracted numerous customers and prospects, creating a buzz even before they visited us in person. When they arrived at the actual booth, many excitedly exclaimed, “We saw you on the other side!” This innovative approach not only showcased our products effectively but also initiated engaging conversations. It was fantastic to see the digital experience seamlessly transition into real-world connections. The Digital Twin truly enhanced our presence at the event, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.”

Take a look around the Power of Partnerships stand, here

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Additionally, if you would like to discover more about having a virtual twin, please contact [email protected] and someone will get back to you with all the information you need.


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