Our expertise in analytics.
Enabling our clients to transform hours of video footage, complex transaction patterns, or unstructured data into actionable intelligence.

Unleashing data’s full potential.
Since our foundation, IDEMIA has consistently maintained a leading position as a provider of cutting-edge solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. We ensure this leadership via continuous investments in our global R&D, partnerships with scientific research associations, as well as strategic recruitment of PhD students in subjects related to machine learning. At IDEMIA, we understand the perpetual need to rapidly process massive volumes of data (image, video…) and automate complex problem-solving workflows. With the technology wave continuing to swell, data volumes are growing exponentially. That means that there is a sizeable amount of unlabeled data being created every second of every day – data that is not yet being used to its full potential. This is where Artificial Intelligence can make a world of difference.

IDEMIA’s R&D team uses Deep Learning algorithms to design and train powerful analytics solutions capable of detecting fraud, recognizing specific behavior, and analyzing situations based on pattern analysis. These solutions are used to tag and classify massive amounts of data, saving precious time during investigations or risk assessment analysis.

Early algorithms made it possible to identify people and objects when positioned directly in front of a camera. Today’s technology makes it possible to extract information from a video in a very short amount of time and to then identify patterns and trends. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, facial recognition technology can identify a face from any angle – whether it is moving or static, facing the camera, or looking in another direction. Video analytics technology can classify large amounts of data rapidly and can, for example, distinguish the gender of a pedestrian, detect if the driver of a vehicle has their seatbelt on, or if a driver is using their phone while on the road. And Natural Language Processing can detect named entities in unstructured text and understand relationship between them.

Ethical data management by design.
Data protection is extremely important to us. At IDEMIA, we work with national data protection agencies – such as the Commission Nationale Informatique & Libertés in France – to ensure that all data collected is done in full adherence with local laws and regulations.

Our ultimate goal: to help our clients ensure the safety and security of their citizens while respecting the fundamental right to privacy.

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