Our expertise in biometrics.
Ensuring high-performance for non-biased biometric identification and authentication in the physical and digital worlds.

Identity at the core of our solutions
At IDEMIA, identity is at the heart of everything we do. In designing our market-leading solutions, we rely on the most natural, reliable, and permanent features to check identities: the body’s own biometric data, including face, iris and fingerprint.

Our researchers use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning algorithms to enhance the performance of biometric identification and authentication, including bias removal and liveness detection. And these algorithms are rigorously designed, tested, and validated by our teams and recognized authorities to ensure accuracy, fairness, and efficiency in real-life situations.

Ethical approach to algorithm development and efficient government-grade biometric solutions.
As a global leader in the field of identity solutions, IDEMIA takes biometric ethics and standards very seriously. The data used to ensure the performance of our products and solutions is obtained from different sources. First, from our clients, in compliance with local and international privacy regulations; second, from our own employees, who volunteer the use of their biometrics; and lastly, by creating synthetic images using a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). This enables us to generate qualitative synthetic facial images and fingerprints that are completely fictional – but perfectly efficient – to test our systems at scale, in full compliance with GDPR regulations.

In addition, IDEMIA also regularly participates in U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) benchmark testing for iris, face, and fingerprint biometrics – and we are proud to say that we have always ranked in the top for these benchmarks. In 2021, our facial recognition 1:N algorithm achieved best results for accuracy among 75 tested systems and 281 entrants during the Face Recognition Vendor Test (“FRVT,” which measures the accuracy of one-to-many identification algorithms searching enrolled galleries containing at least 10 million identities). The report also notes that demographic biases are undetectable in our facial identification algorithms. We are proud to contribute and lead the industry on fairness in biometric algorithms.

Our promise: only you can be you
Today, IDEMIA uses its biometrics expertise to secure access to sensitive enterprise assets, create frictionless traveler journeys in the busiest airports, automate border controls, secure online authentication, provide a legal identity to underserved populations, validate a payment transaction and support law enforcement agencies in their missions — the list goes on. And as we look towards a future where our identities will be at the cornerstone of a vastly connected world, we maintain a simple promise: with our technology and innovations in hand, only you can be you.

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