Bosch NDV-3502-F02 Fixed micro dome 2MP HDR 130° IK08

NDV-3502-F02 Fixed micro dome 2MP HDR 130° IK08
The FLEXIDOME IP micro 3000i is built for highquality, 24/7 performance, with a range of reliable
surveillance features, including Essential Video Analytics, and is designed for easy installation.
The compact and minimalist design provides high installation flexibility and offers various mounting options.

Essential Video Analytics
The built-in video analysis reinforces the Intelligenceat-the-Edge concept and now delivers even more powerful features. Essential Video Analytics is ideal for use in controlled environments with limited detection ranges.
The system reliably detects, tracks, and analyzes objects, and alerts you when predefined alarms are triggered. A smart set of alarm rules makes complex tasks easy and reduces false alarms to a minimum.
Metadata is attached to your video to add sense and structure. This enables you to quickly retrieve the relevant images from hours of stored video. Metadata can also be used to deliver irrefutable forensic evidence or to optimize business processes based on people counting or crowd density information.

High Dynamic Range
The high dynamic range mode is based on a multipleexposure process that captures more details in the highlights and in the shadows even in the same scene. The result is that you can easily distinguish objects and features, for example, faces with bright backlight. The actual dynamic range of the camera is measured using Opto-Electronic Conversion Function (OECF)
analysis according to IEC 62676 Part 5.

Intelligent streaming
Smart encoding capabilities, together with Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction technology and analytics, reduce the bandwidth consumption to extremely low levels. Only relevant information in the scene, like motion, or objects found with the analytics, need to be encoded.
The camera is capable of triple streaming which allows the camera to deliver independent, configurable streams for live viewing, recording, or remote monitoring via constrained bandwidths. Each of these streams can be adapted independently to deliver high quality video, perfectly tailored to purpose, while reducing bit rate by up to 90% compared to a standard camera.

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