Our expertise in cryptography.
Using cryptography, we secure personal credentials, ensure data integrity, and protect individual privacy.

Securing transactions anytime, anywhere.
Cryptography is a pillar of the modern, connected world. Without knowing it, we use cryptography every day to secure our interactions and protect our personal data: to safeguard our mobile connections, to ensure the reliability of websites, to protect our personal and financial data when we make purchases in-store or online, to ensure that computer software we use is free of viruses – the list goes on.

As a leading provider of mission-critical solutions for payments, connectivity, identity and travel, IDEMIA is committed to ensuring the utmost safety of all transactions against theft, data breaches, and other threats. Our decades of expertise in advanced cryptography (AES, RSA, ECC and secure protocols) and embedded security software (EAL6), combined with our unique chip design capabilities, enables us to provide truly unique hardware and software bundles that are highly secure and future-proof.

Embedded intelligence and security at scale.
Advanced cryptography is at the core of all the embedded security software that we develop, from our EMV payment solutions to our 5G SIM technology. Our proprietary Operating Systems are developed in-house, securing and powering our solutions, and enabling us to embed intelligence and security into devices and chips at scale. We also personalize and manage credentials in the digital world for mobile payments, connectivity for consumer and IoT devices, as well as mobile identity.

Future-proof security for the post-quantum era.
Today, we are proud to be leading the way in developing quantum-resistant solutions that protect society in the post-quantum world. Early in 2019, IDEMIA became one of the first companies to announce the development of an enhanced smart card, resistant to quantum computers. In December 2021, IDEMIA announced the first-of-its-kind quantum-safe 5G SIM technology.

As we prepare for the post-quantum world, our Research & Development team continues to dedicate themselves to develop solutions that protect society, and provide our clients with innovative, agile, future-proof solutions that ensure the highest levels of security across different environments (including the Cloud, personal devices, smart cards, and identity documents).

In doing so, we provide our partners with technical expertise in the areas of cryptography but also in the protection of services of vital importance, such as the identity of people, banking transactions, or communications.

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