Cypress Suprex® Fiber Optic Reader-Extender, multi-mode (SPX-7400)

The Suprex® Fiber Optic Reader-Extender connects a reader to an access controller using available multi-mode fiber optic cable. The Reader-Extender allows readers to be installed at sites farther from the controller, without buying a second control panel. The Fiber Optic Suprex is especially recommended for sites with dormant fiber optic already in place, or those prone to high heat and lightning, saltwater intrusion, or corrosive environments such as industrial sites. The SPX-7400 supports EXP-2000 Expansion Module Sets for installing additional Wiegand-based doors and gates.

A Suprex is a pair of units: The Remote unit connects to the reader, and the Central unit connects to the controller. ST connectors are used. The typical range for the SPX-7400 is 2 miles/ 3.21 km.

Also available is the single-mode Fiber Optic Suprex (SPX-7410), as well as Suprex models using wireless, or RS-485/twisted-pair or Ethernet cable.

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