Cypress Wireless Handheld Reader (HHR-4000 Series)

The Cypress Wireless Handheld Reader (HHR) remotely verifies credentials while linked to an existing live database, and is used for mustering, as well as verifying credentials where no readers exist, such as when staff are being transported on shuttles, temporary or construction entrances, driver gates, and training session sign-in points. Wireless Handheld Reader are also used to track staff meal or bookstore allotments.

Cypress HHR readers connect wirelessly with a base unit, which is wired to the control panel to interface with a current live database. The HHR-4000 series readers feature encrypted wireless communication between the reader unit and the base (ISM 2.4 GHz frequency).

Cypress Wireless Handheld Readers also feature a vend button on the unit, which can be set up during installation to operate a relay, allowing the user to touch a button to perform a function such as opening a door or gate, or triggering a duress alarm.

HHR-4000 series readers are available in single or dual-lane reader kits. Single-lane reader kits are available with 1 or 2 readers. Dual-lane reader kits are available with 1, 2, or 3 readers.
HHR-4156 (with gate selection feature)
HHR-4166 (single lane; no gate-selection feature)
HHR-4266 (single lane; 2-reader kit)

Typical handheld wireless reader range without repeaters, depending on environment:
Indoor: 150 ft. / 45.7 m
Outdoor: 500 ft. / 152.4 m

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