Cypress Wireless Suprex® Reader-Extender (SPX-5631)

The Cypress Wireless Suprex® Reader-Extender wirelessly connects credentials readers and control panels, across parking lots, railroad tracks, city streets, or in distant buildings. The Wireless Suprex also allows readers to be installed without installing cable or disturbing buildings with historical significance. The SPX-5631 supports EXP-2000 Expansion Module Sets for installing additional Wiegand-based doors and gates.

A Suprex is a pair of units: The Remote unit connects to the reader, and the Central unit connects to the controller. Typical range of the SPX-5631 is 5000 ft. /1524 m.

Also available is the the Wireless Repeater (RPT-5651) to add distance or bypass obstacles when a clear line of sight cannot be achieved. Other Suprex models are available using RS-485/twisted-pair, Ethernet, or fiber optic cable.

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