Build a custom AI solution with LILIN’s EdgeAI range of cameras- the 7 Series. All cameras in this range use a SONY STARVIS chip to provide colour surveillance in low-light environments, with a maximum 4K resolution. With EdgeAI there is no need for a dedicated PC or server to run the AI- it is all done on the camera itself, making AI more accessible and expanding the situations in which it can be deployed for maximum effectiveness.

It’s easy to create your solution- simply choose a camera to meet your requirements- by chassis, lens type or IR distance- and then add the AI license(s) for the objects you want to detect!

We have a wide range of AI licenses available- from construction site safety to animal detection -but if the object you want isn’t available, you can easily create your own AI license!
This Edge AI camera range is the first with ‘YOLO’ (You Only Look Once) technology, which allows clients to create their own AI engines. With LILIN’s Self+AI Cloud Service, customers upload their own images to our online web server and create personalised firmware that can then be uploaded to our cameras. All of our current and future developed behaviours can be used with your firmware.

Teach the camera to identify delivery vehicles for specific companies- Amazon, Hermes or DHL- for ease of delivery. Trigger push notifications, open
a gate or even unlock your storage box for a secure product drop- you are only limited by your own imagination!

Available Licenses:
EDGEFLOW- Vehicle, Human and Object Detection.
EDGEMASK- Mask, No Mask, Incorrect Mask Detection.
EDGESAFTY- Hard Hat, Safety Vest, Eye Protection Detection.
EDGEFIRE- Smoke and Fire Detection.
EDGELPR- Automatic Number Plate Recognition.
EDGECARMAKE- Vehicle Make and Colour Recognition.
EDGEVESSEL- Identify vessels including Cargo, Cruise, Ferry, Yacht.
EDGEANIMAL- Identify animals including cat, dog, bear, sheep, deer.

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