Flip X

Meet our new generation indoor PIR detectors with innovative pyroelectric element and unique to OPTEX, rotatable lens. By simply removing the case and flipping the lens 180 degrees you can change the detection area from 85 degrees wide for covering large open spaces to just 5 degrees for covering narrow passages or windows both in residential and commercial settings. Equipped with advanced detection logic and a unique pyroelectric element for increased accuracy and performance, FlipX Series guarantees advanced intrusion detection for your home or business.

FlipX Standard
The FlipX Standard models are the ideal choice for securing residential or small commercial sites. Equipped with our unique pyroelectric element for increased accuracy and performance, the FlipX Standard provides superior pet tolerance and mitigates false alarms. They are small and compact sensors with a sleek and modern design that easily blends in with its surroundings and is easy on the eyes.

Models include the FLX-S-ST, standard PIR model, and FLX-S-DT, dual technology model. Both are EN-Grade 2 certified.

FlipX Professional
The FlipX Professional are Grade 2 sensors designed for securing commercial and professional sites. They are equipped with all of the features of the FlipX Standard models as well as an extended detection range to cover larger areas up to 15m in wide detection and 24m in narrow detection. For further resistance to withstand hot and humid climates, dual-technology model comes equipped with OPTEX’s Tough Mod technology.

Models include the FLX-P-ST, standard PIR model, and the FLX-P-DT, dual technology (PIR and microwave) model with Tough MOD microwave module.

FlipX Advanced
The FlipX Advanced are Grade 3 sensors designed for securing higher-risk sites including commercial areas, datacentres, logistics and banking. They feature advanced features which will alert of attempts to mask or tamper the sensor and have an extended detection range to cover larger areas. For further increased performance and precision, the Advanced series offer more sensitivity settings to provide precise detection even when the temperature between the human body and the environment is very similar.

Models include the FLX-A-AM, standard PIR model with anti-masking, and the FLX-A-DAM, dual technology (PIR and microwave) model with anti-masking.

Wide and narrow detection with one sensor
By simply rotating the FlipX lens 180 degrees you can change from wide to narrow detection to suit a range of applications both in residential and light commercial sites. This easy change in detection range is a fantastic solution to meeting multiple needs in a simple and quick way.

For residential sites, FlipX can protect a whole indoor area such as a living room or hallway with its wide 85-degree detection, or you may want to only protect vulnerable entry points like windows and sliding doors with its narrow 5-degree detection.

In commercial sites, there can be many uses of FlipX. It is the perfect solution for protecting offices or shops after hours from intruders by using the wide range of setting and protecting the entire shop floor or office space. Alternatively FlipX can be installed to protect a specific area only, for example, the most valuable items in a display or restricted areas.

In logistics and high-value sites, with the FlipX Advanced you can protect even larger and more complex areas for instance creating a narrow corridor of detection to protect aisles in a warehouse, or wide detection to protect the whole floor.

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