GARDiS Web Embedded Controller

TDSi’s GARDiS web embedded access control unit is a user friendly solution designed to provide seamless and secure access control management. This innovative unit combines the power of an embedded server (removing the requirement for a dedicated PC) with robust access control features, allowing users to conveniently control and monitor access. With its web-embedded interface, administrators can easily configure and manage user permissions, schedules, and event logs, streamlining the access control process. Its scalability and flexibility make it perfect for smaller single site systems where up to 5,000 credentials are required.

The GARDiS Web Embedded Master Controller is available in 3 product variations:
•GARDiS 1: 1-door master controller with connections for 1-2 readers
•GARDiS 2: 2-door master controller with connections for 2-4 readers
•GARDiS 4: 4-door master controller with connections for 4-8 readers

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