i-PRO WV-S8564L 

Industry thinnest* multi-sensor cameras with AI Engine

4x6MP(25MP) Outdoor Multi-Sensor Network Camera with AI Engine
*As of February 2022, based on i-PRO own research.

  • 4 x 6MP(25MP) 3328×1872 up to 15fps
    • 360° coverage with one IP address
    • Intelligent Auto (with AI Engine)
    • Super Dynamic 120dB
    • Color night vision (0.084 to 0.12 lx)
    • Smart Coding (with AI Engine)
    • Built-in 360° IR LED
    • Continuous view assistance
    • Wide range tilt angle adjustment mechanism
    • ONVIF® Profile G / M / S / T
    *ONVIF is a trademark of ONVIF, Inc.
    • FIPS 140-2 level3 certified


The camera WV-S8564L is part of the new S-Series multi-sensor camera range that comes pre-installed with four powerful AI analytic applications open for customisation to the customer’s needs, turning the security camera into an intelligent device suitable for business applications and insights. Built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities is making it ideal for the next generation of intelligent applications in business and society. The ability to autonomously detect and differentiate objects in wide areas allows security personnel to focus on real events of interest, effectively improving their productivity while enhancing overall security.

The security device allows the highest quality images with four 6MP sensors as well as IR LED lighting (15m) to ensure image capture in very dark environments. Its superior lens adds extra clarity to the edges of the frame ensuring exceptionally detailed image capture for 180° or up to 360° vision adaptable to the installation environment. Moreover, the camera is certified for resistance thanks to the IK10 standard and IP66 reliability against dust and water.  All these features come in the thinnest and most discreet design (90mm) currently available on the market, making the new range a game changer in the security industry ideal for high-security applications within city and building surveillance, logistics, industry and transportation.

As part of our i-PRO lineup, the WV-S8564L becomes more than just a traditional CCTV camera.

The AI processor inside the camera realises motion detection of people / vehicles, people counting, and congestion detection. The camera comes pre-installed with important apps like i-PRO AI-VMD to give instant access to efficient security management. To tailor the applications more to specific business customer’s needs, the open SDK allows third party software development. The new multi-sensor camera features independent set-up of the applications per lens, so customers can define the functionality based on their individual needs per image sector.

i-PRO’s Analytic Software package includes free-of-charge and pre-installed AI-based applications that can be used for motion detection, heat mapping, counting people and vehicles, and recognising congestion, for example when shoppers are queuing in store. Using the powerful AI capabilities with high quality up to 360° images makes the applications incredibly powerful and more accurate than previously, for example, when it comes to distinguishing between two people walking closely together. Moreover, the AI engine will automatically apply optimal settings, allowing you to capture high-quality images effortlessly.

Combined with the free i-PRO Active Guard System plug-in to manage alarms coming from the i-PRO hardware, users can easily manage and visualise data from multiple i-PRO cameras in an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard, alongside their Video Management System.

The model, also available with smoke dome cover, offers wider coverage capabilities with a larger tilt range than other comparable models on the market. Adopting both H.264 and H.265 Smart Coding technology with AI engine, the camera intelligently increased the bandwidth efficiency for longer recording and less storage. New self-learning ROI encoding (Auto VIQS) dynamically detects motion areas to keep vehicles and humans in good picture quality while lowering your bandwidth. With the 120dB of Super Dynamic, the camera is ideal for backlit situations and shadows on night streets.

The camera supports full end-to-end system encryption, with supported VMS in order to keep your video surveillance data safe. Equipped with industry standard protocols such ONVIF profiles. This i-PRO multi-sensor camera is open to be linked with third party software and also allow development of specific analytics for any customer needs due to the open SDK. The camera has also a full encryption SD card edge recording, compliant with FIPS140-2CAVP, keeping the video stream extremely secure and protected from cyber-attacks.


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