Immix Guard Force (GF)

Immix GF is a more advanced version of our CS platform with its primary foundation being Access Control monitoring with Video Verification. It is designed for monitoring entities (central stations, guard companies and integrators that operate their own SOCs or NOCs) that have multiple enterprise-level customers that want to monitor their advanced security applications (i.e. Access Control, Large VMS Deployments, etc.) or that have a physical guard force that needs to be more closely tied the monitoring response platform (Immix).
By presenting a single view of the most critical events and automating workflows for others, Immix GF makes it easier to manage security incidents across your entire customer base.
Immix GF provides the platform for your operation to achieve the economies of scale needed to monitor multiple customers, who each have multiple systems, across multiple locations, all the while increasing the effectiveness of your physical security force and the security services you offer.

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