Harnessing the strengths of sensing analytics and video analytics, the InSight series is our new outdoor security solution that offers enhanced intrusion detection and invaluable insights into every event, reducing nuisance alarms and allowing security teams to focus on real threats.
Reliable and efficient outdoor intrusion detection

Outdoor environments are the most challenging as they are exposed to a multitude of variables, such as inclement weather, wildlife, changing lighting conditions etc. One of the primary advantages of combining video and sensing analytics is the substantial increase in detection accuracy, with both technologies working together to verify an activation.

At the heart of this innovative multi-technology approach are the sensing analytics which excel at detecting movement within a specific area, and in the case of digital detectors include advanced algorithms such as OPTEX SMDA logic, to overcome common causes of false alarms. This ensures the system won’t be triggered due to temperature changes, insects on the lens, cobwebs, rain or shadows within the detection area.

Video analytics, on the other hand, bring the power of visual recognition to the equation. The camera can categorise and analyse objects within the camera’s field of view. When a sensor is triggered, the accompanying video analytics can precisely determine whether the movement is caused by a human and responding to configured events, such as line crossing, or presence rules, ensuring that security alerts are only triggered for genuine threats.

Swift and informed response

Integrating video and sensing analytics not only enhances detection accuracy but also enables a faster and more informed response. When an intrusion is detected, the system can instantly analyse the video feed to determine the nature of the threat. Is it a trespasser, a car, or just a wandering animal?

By knowing precisely what’s happening, security teams can respond swiftly and appropriately. If a potential intruder is identified, they can initiate an immediate response, such as contacting law enforcement or triggering alarms. On the other hand, for non-threatening events like animals or environmental factors, no action needs to be taken, saving valuable time and resources.

Reduced costs and improved efficiency for the security system

By reducing false alarms and improving response efficiency, the integration of video and sensing analytics can lead to substantial cost savings. Security teams can allocate resources more effectively, ensuring that they respond only to genuine threats, rather than chasing after false alarms.

InSight series

Multi-technology solutions such as InSight are transforming the way we address security and intrusion detection, especially in challenging environments and adverse conditions. One of the key advantages of InSight sensors is that the camera angle of view and the sensor’s detection area match perfectly, which means there is a better capture of events.

With both technologies working side by side, InSight can be configured to assess the sensor’s detection and create different responses based on video analysis.

The InSight series includes models for wide-angle areas up to 12m, or long and narrow areas up to 24m. This setup is ideal for small to medium facilities, such as residential, commercial and warehouse locations, providing enhanced security and intrusion detection without the need for complex and expensive infrastructure.

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