KeyBank® Touch

KeyBank Touch® is perfect for automotive businesses, multifamily residential buildings and properties, educational institutions, corporate buildings, resort properties, and more. With its capability to accommodate up to 18,000 keys and 10,000 users per site location, the KeyBank Touch® provides total accountability and security at your fingertips with touchscreen convenience. The KeyBank Touch® is designed to reside on network servers and can easily be integrated and synched with other security and business systems for complete information and data about actual-time security within an enterprise.
Bright 7″ full color, touch screen
Email notifications enable a tenant or owner to be alerted when a key to their residence is removed
Common database for all KeyBank systems within a “Site”
Enter custom notes and information via on-screen QWERTY keyboard
New improved integration interface for 3rd party software
“KeyAnywhere” allows keys to be returned to any KeyBank Touch within a site
“My Keys Out” allows users to see what keys they have out, if any of their keys are overdue, and when their keys will become overdue

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