MorphoWave SP/XP

MorphoWave is IDEMIA’s flagship biometric terminal : it is the only one on the market able to (3D) scan and verify 4 fingerprints in less than 1 second, in a fully contactless way, through a quick and simple hand wave gesture. This enable an impressive throughput up to 60 users per minutes. MorphoWave’s very accurate algorithm provide the same great user experience even with wet, dry, damaged fingers or if covered with mud, dust, oil…

Since the launch of its first version 4 years ago, more than 20,000 units have been deployed throughout the world, for a variety a industry verticals and use cases.
MorphoWave can be installed indoor or outdoor. Its compact size enables a smooth speedgate/turnstile/parking barrier integration.

Thanks to its built-in reader, the device can read all kinds of RFID badge technologies (Mifare, Desfire, Prox, iClass…) and supports HID Mobile Access credentials via BLE or NFC. Two-factor authentication with biometric template recorded in the badge is also possible (“tap-and-wave” user experience).
MorphoWave is already integrated in 18+ leading industry Physical Access Control platforms, meaning a smoother deployment.

More recently, the SP and XP versions were introduced : SP as a cost-effective “Simplified Profile” while XP provides “eXtended Performance” (up to 100K users, throughput up to 60 users/minute…)

MorphoWave is THE biometric solution selected by the most demanding clients to secure their premises.

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