Mx Meta VPaaS

Nx Meta is a full stack intelligent video platform, with Cloud, Desktop, Mobile, and Server applications that makes it easy to develop a cutting edge Video Software as a Service product and keep ahead of competitive solutions with best-in-class features and functionality.

Powered by Nx VSaaS solutions are built for target markets by combining the capabilities of Nx Meta VPaaS with your existing hardware and software technologies.

An Evolving Platform
Powered by Nx VSaaS solutions evolve with every release in order to keep your solution competitive.

Multi Platform Support
With support for all major operating systems Powered by Nx solutions work with most compute hardware.

Integrations Ecosystem
Choose from a suite of integrations that match your business needs to create the perfect VSaaS product.

Professional Support
Get direct support from the software engineers developing the Powered by Nx VSaaS platform.

Flexible Pricing Plans
Not everyone wants to follow the same pricing structure. We get that. That’s why we offer custom pricing.

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