Quanika Compact

Quanika Compact
Simple and affordable access control for SMEs

Quanika’s Compact is a cost-effective access control software for small to mid-size, single-site organizations. The user-friendly platform offers rich features and essential functionality combined with flexible options for site access and out-of-the-box integrations to strengthen security, reduce risk, and improve user experiences.

Smooth migration from AXIS Entry Manager

Developed to leverage the power of Axis Communication door controllers and video surveillance, it offers user the most affordable and simple migration from AXIS Entry Manager to a full-featured access control solution is seamless. Quanika Compact enables businesses to control up to 128 readers and 128 cameras, via a single platform and server, which connects up to two workstations. It offers an intuitive, cost-effective security solution for single site businesses managing 4-16 doors. As a modular solution, users can also meet site specific needs by easily integrating off-the-shelf with leading third-party security and life safety systems.

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