Redscan Mini I

Precise and customizable indoor and outdoor detection with the REDSCAN Mini
The REDSCAN Mini sensors’ LiDAR technology determines the distance, size and travel speed of an object by emitting a pulsed laser beam. The REDSCAN Mini or RLS-2020 sensors offer a fully customisable 20×20 m detection area with up to 4 independently configurable zones and can be seamlessly integrated with installed security systems, including VMS or PSIM, or directly with PTZ cameras. The RLS-2020 series is grade 3 compliant.

The REDSCAN Mini series includes an indoor-only model, RLS-2020I and a high-resolution indoor/outdoor model RLS-2020S.

REDSCAN Mini Applications
The REDSCAN Mini can be used in a variety of applications due to its easily customizable detection area which spans from as small as 20x20cm to 20x20meters across 95 degrees.

Asset Protection
The RLS2020I and the RLS2020S can be used to create virtual laser walls or panes to protect high-value assets. It can be seamlessly integrated with compatible VMS and PSIM platforms making it super easy to install and set up with existing alarm systems.

Facade and Building Protection
The RLS2020S provides highly reliable and accurate detection that can be used to protect building facades in commercial, industrial or residential sites. It’s multi-angle adjustment shell structure allows the Mini to be mounted on a ceiling or a wall to create horizontal or vertical detection.

Art protection
The REDSCAN Mini has 4 independently configurable detection zones and advanced area settings meaning you can easily adjust and create area-specific detection. The optional configuration software REDSCAN Manager can configure detailed detection settings including the detection area shape and size.

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