Secury360 BOX

Introducing Secury360 Box: Advanced Edge AI Video Surveillance

Stay ahead with Secury360 Box, leveraging Edge AI for video surveillance. It brings AI analytics and real-time threat detection to your cameras, delivering accurate results and minimizing false alarms.

Premium Hardware, Simplified Setup:
•Supports up to 6 cameras
•Custom motherboard, no need for an extra PC
•Internal 2.5″ HDD slot
•Internal IO: 8 outputs, 7 inputs
•Audio IN/OUT
•Mounting options: wall, rack, din rail
•Low power and bandwidth consumption

Seamless Integration:
•Compatible with all high-definition cameras
•Works with various Video Management Systems (VMS)
•Integrates with most monitoring centers

Future-Proof Solution:
•Constantly evolving Edge AI
•Recognizes behavior, discerns intentions
•”Set & Forget” capability
•Automates security based on owner’s presence

Experience the future of intelligent surveillance with Secury360 Box. Stay ahead, achieve accuracy, and enjoy effortless security.

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