Smart Devices

Our expertise in smart devices.
With in-house design of advanced modular hardware, we deliver integrated solutions that facilitate seamless user journeys.

Better, smarter protection.
We live in a fast-changing environment where governments and enterprises face growing challenges to protect people and places. As a leader in smart devices, IDEMIA is committed to staying ahead of these trends and safeguarding peoples’ lives and well-being in the air, on the road, and everywhere in between.

At IDEMIA, we leverage the best available motion and video sensor technologies – including 2D capture in visible and infrared, 3D capture, and TFT (thin-film-transistor ) flat-panel imagery – to create innovative sensors that combine security, performance and convenience.

Security and convenience beyond the status quo.
Fuelling our deep learning algorithms with the high quality data captured with these advanced sensor capabilities allows us to achieve highly efficient and frictionless liveness detection for face, finger and iris recognition. We integrate these sensors – and often combine them – in a full range of biometric access control equipment to protect critical infrastructures, automate identity controls at air, land, and sea borders, facilitate passenger flow at the busiest airports, or perform easy identity enrollment and verification in the field.

These advanced sensor capabilities are also used in our cutting-edge road safety solutions. They enable to monitor and enforce the security of roads even in the most difficult weather conditions (including extreme temperatures).

From tailored traveller experiences to frictionless access to corporate buildings, IDEMIA continues to challenge the status quo and develop solutions that deliver higher convenience without ever sacrificing security.

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