Our expertise in systems.
Providing tailored systems that ensure top security from the core of an infrastructure to every end-point.

When the physical and digital converge.
As the world around us becomes more mobile – both in terms of digital connectivity as well as passenger mobility – the need for fully integrated journeys that connect the physical and digital worlds is becoming essential. From border control to public security, identity credential issuance to digital payments, tailored systems are required to set up and maintain robust and efficient infrastructures.

At IDEMIA, we leverage our decades-long expertise in identity management and security with the latest advancements in biometrics, cryptography, analytics, smart devices, Cloud, and digital solutions to create comprehensive integrated systems that enable fluid and secure user journeys at scale. Our teams of software and hardware experts accompany our clients in the construction of their system architecture and – when necessary – select the best equipment to support their services.

Making the world safer and simpler.
When designing our systems, we take various elements into account to ensure the security and interoperability of all internal and external system components. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific environment, legacy systems, business constraints and applicable regulations, and we manage the entire integration process for them. We also provide continuous support in adapting the solution to ongoing transformations.

Today, IDEMIA works with hundreds of governments and enterprises worldwide to design cutting-edge and robust systems that support seamless air travel and border control, nationwide identity credential issuance and management, digital and physical payments, as well as incident detection and rapid investigations.

Our objective: to ensure that all our interactions – whether they be on the ground or in the air, in the physical world or the digital universe – are backed by high-performance end-to-end systems that make the world a safer and more convenient place to live.

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