USB-Lock-RP Device Control Software for Enterprise

USB Lock RP is the strongest USB device control software solution to centrally manage USB removable storage drives, mobile devices and wireless adapters to servers, workstations and laptops in a network. Presents smart USB lockdown designed to protect computers in Industrial processes as well as corporate offices.
USB-Lock-RP Device Control Software.

Classified as USB port control for enterprise, USB-Lock-RP software is an administrative and enforcement tool specifically designed to protect windows operating systems, without concern to dependencies, at a very small memory/storage footprint.

The Management console operates on-premises within the enterprise network and provides real-time granular control and visibility over USB activity and endpoint computers. It controls devices access policy and enforces rules to specific computers, as well as groups of computers with ease. Receives devices connection alerts and logs events automatically, including USB Monitoring for details on approved file transfers.

USB Lock RP detects devices hardware ID to allow specific USB devices and block the rest without interfering with harmless peripherals. USB flash drives can be authorized to work on specific machines, groups or across the network. USB Lockdown is required to effectively prevent data loss and malware infection by means of USB media, the software rejects unauthorized devices at system level and blocks incoming & outgoing of data.

USB blocking and Lock down characteristics are unique and offer superior data security than consumer-based USB control solutions or antivirus software attempting to analyze unauthorized devices, because accessing unknown devices creates unnecessary risk and results in a waste of system resources.
Additionally, it can set strong encryption to files transferred from the PC to the authorized USB drive. Auto-Encryption can be turned ON/OFF in real-time.
Also capable of setting read-only policy to specific USB drives in real-time. This advanced read-only function write-protects specific USB drives while other authorized USB drives can be full access on the same machine. (While unauthorized USB drives continue to be blocked).

Centralized USB Management, easy to set and operate.
Proven capability to manage USB in large networks.
Secure Groups of Computers or Specific Computers from USB threat.
Whitelists USB Devices by Hardware ID and Block others.
Enforces Groups Policy settings in real-time.
Automatic Authorizations Mode, Whitelist USB devices across the network automatically.
Receives alerts & logs USB device connections in the network.
Set read-only to specific usb drives.
Compatible with Remote Desktop, Adapts to screen resolution changes, Smart desktop area use.
Export Status and Alerts Reports to csv format (Comma-separated value)
Presents Full Screen Locking upon Blocking Devices (includes your company logo).
Monitors & Encrypts File Transfers from Endpoints to Authorized USB drives (ON/OFF).
Easy Client Deployment through Group Policy (Windows Installer MSI).
Event logs in CEF (Common events format) for integration with SIEM.
Controls USB even if no user is logged into the client system (Setting and enforcement).

Block usb devices to prevent malware infection entering computer by usb media.
Prevent Data-loss from Computers & Authorized USB Devices (USB DLP)
Inform of USB Devices Connection Events & Activity
Compliance with Endpoint Security Policies and Removable Media Regulations
Permanent end-user enterprise licensing model, One-time payment only.
Designed for organization autonomous control, doesn’t require internet.
Strong endpoint device control, Blocks or authorizes devices at system level in real-time.
All included, no need to order additional modules for encryption or monitoring.
Network TCP/IP (LAN, WLAN or WAN)
Windows Operating Systems from NT 10 to NT 5.1 (Physical or Virtual Machine)

Other Dependencies: None

Software Type:
Control: USB Management application On-Premises (not cloud-based)
Client: Local System Service

Supported Operating Systems:
device control for windows operating systems
Windows 11 Windows-Server 2019 Windows 10 Windows-Server 2016 Windows 8.1 Windows-Server 2012 R2 Windows 8 Windows-Server 2012 Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows-Server 2008 Windows Vista Windows-Server 2003 R2 Windows-Server 2003 Windows XP Windows Embedded OS with Minimal ComponentsVirtual Machines and Thin Clients.(32/64 bits)
Development Status: Active.

Latest Version: v.13.248
Published date: August 1, 2023. (Latest USB Lock functions shown at the end of this page)

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