Wavestore WaveView VMS

Wavestore Video Management System (VMS) is a cutting-edge solution redefining surveillance. Offering unparalleled intuitiveness, it empowers users with robust video and recording management capabilities. Its powerful search functionalities and evidential export tools enhance operational efficiency.

What sets Wavestore apart is its commitment to being truly independent and open-platform. Collaborating with clients and technology partners, it delivers scalable, future-proof solutions. Compatible with various third-party servers or Wavestore’s high-performance devices, including Video Servers, Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and Hybrid Video Recorders (HVRs).

The embedded Linux operating system ensures inherent cyber security, safeguarding your system effectively. Wavestore VMS provides a fully integrated solution, supporting leading camera brands and diverse technologies. As your business scales, Wavestore scales with it, offering different license levels to meet varied needs — Base, Premium, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Welcome to a new era of surveillance with Wavestore VMS.

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