Prosegur and S&ST pair up to offer AI enabled security services

Security and Safety Things (S&ST) and Prosegur have announced their collaboration on the development of a new Security Operations Centre (SOC) environment.

Prosegur will reportedly incorporate AI-infused video analytic applications from the S&ST platform into the Prosegur “SOC as a service” offering. The edge analytic applications, which runs directly on cameras or devices equipped with the S&ST operating system, will now pre-filter incoming events from customer locations and augment human decisions for enhanced alarm monitoring, management and response, increasing serviceability to customers and reducing the number of truck rolls.

“Enhancing real-time monitoring with artificial intelligence helps improve the real-time operational decision-making, which ultimately results in better security and quicker response times for our clients”, said Matt Sack, Executive Chairman of Prosegur Security USA. “We greatly value our partnership with Security & Safety Things for their collaborative approach to creating customised and innovative solutions that deliver added value to our clients, and we look forward to continuing to jointly drive innovation for the whole industry.”

The Security & Safety Things open platform enables the deployment of AI enabled analytics applications on devices running the open S&ST operating system. These apps are highly customisable to the customer use case or vertical need and can run on a wide variety of cameras from different manufacturers and form factors. The analytics apps can detect with very low latency the relevant details in a scene and bring these to the attention of operators, providing them with true situational awareness needed for rapid response to prevent incidents and save lives without the need to monitor dozens of video feeds.

“The Security & Safety Things business model of making AI video analytics available for customers around the globe through an open Application Store is unique in the industry. We are proud to be innovating with Prosegur to drive additional value for their business and their customers,” said Hartmut Schaper, Chief Executive Officer, Security & Safety Things. “This partnership provides a blueprint for how new business models can be innovated using open platforms and AI, and underscores once more that joint innovation will shape the future of our industry.”


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