Protecting a manufacturing site with ASSA ABLOY’s Incedo access control solution

Incedo access control

To ensure smooth and secure access control at commercial or manufacturing sites, it’s crucial to have a reliable, secure, and convenient solution. The software and hardware should be easy to control through a unified interface, and adaptable to the organisation’s changes over time. ASSA ABLOY’s Incedo access control solution is the choice of many brands.

Resstende is an Italian sun protection manufacturer known for roller-shutter systems. With more than 60 employees and a yearly turnover of €12.4m, they expanded their facilities to a new headquarters to accommodate their growth. The new site, spanning 6,000 sq.m across four floors, includes workspaces, training rooms, showrooms, and collaboration areas. Resstende wanted an access management system that aligned with the modern and collaborative nature of their workplace.

Incedo access control: management flexibility and simplicity that a business needs

They chose an Incedo™ Lite system from ASSA ABLOY which seamlessly incorporates ASSA ABLOY access devices including controllers, Signo readers and Eff Eff electric strikes. The Lite version of ASSA ABLOY’s Incedo™ platform-based access control solution works right out the box. Incedo controllers and modules connect all hardware to the Incedo software; everything works seamlessly and is managed from a single interface, saving admin time.

“We built a valuable, attractive location where we could cultivate innovation,” explains Riccardo Gasparini, Resstende’s Managing Director. “The Incedo solution immediately seemed right to us, as it is an autonomous and easy-to-use system, offering both cost and energy savings in line with the modernity of our headquarters.”

Incedo™ Lite streamlines access management for Resstende, Assa Abloy says. It’s user-friendly on the web and works on any device, eliminating the need for a dedicated admin computer. Security personnel can easily grant customized access to groups for specific doors. Time limits can be set, ideal for meeting room reservations and granting role-specific access. The use of Seos® ensures high credential security, and the diverse credential options prioritize user convenience.

“Incedo is flexible, convenient to use and streamlines access management, which saves us time and costs,” he adds.

Resstende is prepared for unexpected challenges. Incedo, a flexible solution, can be easily expanded and adjusted as needed. If Resstende’s business processes change, they can increase access control or enable remote management through Incedo Cloud with a simple software upgrade.

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