Pyronix | personal help alarm protection – create security bubbles with HomeControl2.0


Pyronix announces new functionality to its HomeControl2.0 application, the ‘Personal Help Alarm’.

The highly advanced and simple-to-use home security smart device application now offers increased functionality with its all-new Personal Help Alarm; enabling users to request help when they need it most.

“Should anyone ever find themselves in a distressing or potentially threatening situation, the app’s new personal security feature allows them to raise an alarm and send a message to family and/or friends that help is needed, whether inside or outside of the home,” said Laurence Kenny, Marketing Director.

Users now have the option to create and add loved ones to a security ‘bubble’, allowing each person to send safety alerts at the push of a button as necessary.

Laurence continued: “By simply pressing the ‘SOS button’, users can send an instant push notification to the other bubble members’ devices, alerting to distress and sharing their geolocation. The receiver(s) can then take action, opening Google or Apple maps to quickly find and come to the aid of the user as required.”

HomeControl2.0’s new Personal Help Alarm update enables users to:

  • Create and manage security bubbles
  • Quickly raise an alarm in distressing situations
  • Get directions to the distressed user with Google and Apple maps
  • Have control over privacy with the option to choose who receives alerts and when.

“We’re delighted to bring this new feature to market and hope it brings further peace of mind to our users’ security, inside and outside of the home. It’s also great to be able to add more value to the app and give installers more to include in their Enforcer sales conversations with customers. We remain committed to developing HomeControl2.0 as security system control and management tool, and now as a personal security offering too,” said Laurence.

Please note, while the Personal Help Alarm feature is designed to add an additional layer of personal security, the app is not intended as a replacement for other personal security measures or as a substitute for calling the emergency services.

HomeControl2.0 is available on both Android and iOS platforms and downloadable via the Play Store or Apple App Store, connecting to Pyronix systems through the PyronixCloud infrastructure.


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