Pyronix to release a brand-new Enforcer Kit ideal for perimeter protection


Pyronix have made a big announcement as they have revealed the launch of a new Enforcer Kit 6, in addition to a new update to the Enforcer Kit 5.

“We’ve introduced a brand-new kit, the Enforcer Kit 6, to provide installers with effective internal perimeter protection solutions in a single, convenient, cost-effective package,” Laurence Kenny, Marketing Director, said.

Along with the Enforcer V11 control panel, which features inbuilt Wi-Fi, the brand-new kit comes with a focused range of peripherals that are ideal for protecting windows and doors, including:

  • 1 x Enforcer V11 control panel
  • 1 x MCNANO-WE (our smallest magnetic contact)
  • 4 x NANO/SHOCK-WE (compact wireless shock sensor)
  • 1 x DELTA/MOD-WE2 (wireless deltabell module)

In addition to a brand-new kit, the popular Enforcer Kit 5 has received an update.

“To improve the options available to installers, we’ve introduced the MC1Z2/SHOCK-WE into Kit 5. The new addition will bring multi-function to the bundle, delivering all-in-one shock, contact and universal transmitter functionality, making for a more flexible, enhanced set-up,” Laurence said.

The updated Enforcer Kit 5 now includes:

  • 1 x Enforcer V11 control panel
  • 1 x MCNANO-WE (magnetic contact)
  • 1 x DELTA/MOD-WE2 (wireless deltabell module)
  • 4 x MC1Z2/SHOCK-WE (all-in-one shock, contact and universal transmitter)

Laurence continued: “We’re keen to expand the range of choices available to installers to bring more advantages to both installers and end-users alike. By introducing the Enforcer Kit 6 and making changes to our Kit 5, we’re able to continue to make security easy, convenient and simple for both installer and user.”

The new kits can be purchased in distribution from the 15th January 2024.


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