Q&A | Argus Systems to showcase at World Police Summit

Argus Systems will be participating in the World Police Summit being held at Dubai Exhibition Center Expo 2020 from the 14th to 17th March 2022. To discuss more about their presence at the show, Rohit Khubchandani, Founder and CEO of Argus Systems, gives Security on Screen an exclusive Q&A:

What is Argus Systems offering to the security sector and what is their current presence like in the Middle East? 

Argus Systems was established with the idea of transforming legacy to redefine the future, we offer innovative groundbreaking disruptive technology-based solutions to the security market that include Video Surveillance & IoT (Internet of Things) devices along with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing Solutions and Video Data Storage Infrastructure. We cater to more than 18 countries in Middle East, Africa and Indian Subcontinent markets from our headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What can visitors to the World Police Summit expect to see from Argus Systems on their booth? 

We will be showcasing state of the art all in one Multi Vision Visualisation, Law Enforcement & Smart City Solutions designed specifically for addressing variety of use cases such as Homeland Security, Policing, Aviation, Transportation & Mobility applications at the World Police Summit at Dubai Expo in March 2022

What does Argus Systems hope to achieve by attending the inaugural WPS? 

Being Argus Eyed we are keen sighted, observant, and vigilant. Our ability to have infinite Awareness, Understanding, Insight and Universal Knowledge opens doors to unlimited possibilities, we are very excited to be part of the inaugural World Police Summit a first of its kind global platform in the Middle East Region for policing and law enforcement hosted by Dubai Police, our objective to attend the inaugural WPS is to drive our mission which goes like this. We are on a mission to transform legacy to redefine the future by utilising state of the art technological advances to increase productivity, reduce time to market, delivering instant Return on Investment (ROI) by delivering ML & AI based solutions to our customers.

What trends can you identify within Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and how can Argus Systems deliver solutions within these growing sectors?

Today Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is turning into the most disruptive, yet transformative technology ever developed as new trends are emerging, we push the boundaries from Enhanced Cyber Security AI and ML tools play a significant role in tackling this issue, for example AI & ML algorithms can analyse higher network traffic and recognise patterns of virtual criminal activities.

The virtual world with the advent of the Metaverse, where users can work with immersive experiences these technologies will allow an enterprise to create virtual world where its users will feel at home with virtual AI bots. Utilising Hyper automation an emerging trend that will allow business to automate multiple yet repetitive processes that involve large volumes of information and data utilising Robotic Process Automation (RBA).  

The biggest trend we see today is Quantum-AI which offers faster and more accurate data analyzing and pattern prediction this enables you in identifying unforeseen challenges and brings out viable solutions, as a result Quantum-AI is set to revolutionize many industrial sectors. With more than 137+ years of experience in the Security Industry, and more particularly within AI and ML technologies today Argus is well positioned to deliver state of the art solutions within these growing sectors.



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