Q&A | The SmartWater Group is now DeterTech

SmartWater has been established over many years. So why was it important to go through such a major rebrand?

We have selected a name that properly reflects the full breadth of our integrated risk management portfolio. We’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved as the SmartWater Group. However, the name emphasises our expertise in forensic marking when we need to be just as well known for our extensive complementary capabilities in Crime Intelligence, Site Security, Access Control and Site Sensors. The brand also stands for our clear purpose, values and strategic drivers.

With regard to the timing, we’ve just begun an ambitious plan to cement our position in the UK and to expand the business across, Germany, Benelux and the Nordics. It makes sense to embark on that journey as DeterTech.

What difference will the re-branding and the recent acquisition of SmartGuard in the Nordics offer those already working with you and those that perhaps are not?

We’re committed to giving greater peace of mind to people and communities, every day and the activities we’re doing now put us in an even stronger position to deliver that.

We all know that overly relying on any one single means of deterring criminal activity is risky. That’s why you need a layered approach to the protection of people and assets.

The business transformation, of which the re-branding is one element, has revolutionised our ability to combine our talents and operate as one group. Our customers and prospects will find it easier to leverage our full portfolio to deploy the most effective bespoke risk management solutions for their businesses.

Will the rebrand bring some of the areas you operate in more to the fore? – for example hasn’t your work in crime intelligence and site security increased recently?

Our operating model involves ensuring our clients can predict, deter and detect criminal activity, which means harnessing the respective strengths of all aspects of our offering. I am confident the rebrand will help convey how our respective divisions are best used in combination.

We’re uniquely positioned to help customers better understand where they are most vulnerable and how to best target their resources. We can then supply the advanced security solutions needed to reduce the risk of crime by catching criminals in the act and helping to secure a successful conviction.

What are the next steps after such a major announcement?

We plan to keep investing in scaling the business and in establishing DeterTech as a trusted partner for risk management in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Benelux and the Nordics. That means continuing to develop new services and solutions, attracting new talent and building on the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that got us to where we are today.  


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