Q&A | The World Police Summit, Dubai

The World Police Summit is to be held at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, alongside Expo 2020, from 13-16 March 2022. In this exclusive interview, Event Director at dmg events, Andreas Rex discusses what attendees and exhibitors can expect for next year…

Could you explain why Dubai Police decided to launch the World Police Summit in 2022?

The UAE government and Dubai Police have always played an active role in bringing the world’s leading experts and technology providers together, and shaping the community of security and policing. Where in the past several events and conferences focusing on security and safety took place each year, in 2022 all efforts will be focused on the World Police Summit. Taking the opportunity of EXPO2020 in Dubai which is just about to start (Oct. 2021 – March 2022) the decision was made to concentrate all activities in 2022 on one large global event covering all aspects of modern policing.

WPS will take place at the new Dubai Exhibition Center, at the Expo2020 venue and will combine strategic conferences, technical workshops, exhibition, networking and special events, all live and in person.

Which global organisations will you be supporting at this year’s event?

We are proud to have the world’s leading organisations in the policing community supporting the World Police Summit.
Interpol, UN, International Association of Chiefs of Police IACP, International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement IDLEST, the Arab Interior Ministers Council, Emirates Drugs Control Council, the Security Professionals Association SPA are all supporting and attending the event. We are closely working with other international organisations and police forces and will announce these supporters shortly.

What can prospective attendees expect from the Summit’s special events?

The events running alongside the Summit include the International Think Tank Meeting, the Interpol Young Leaders meeting and the big graduation of the Dubai Police Academy. The highlight will certainly be the UAE SWAT Challenge, where special teams from more than 40 countries compete in different challenges to crown the best special force in the world.

What opportunities do you hope this year’s Summit will create for commercial providers for law enforcement?

The World Police Summit will be the global meeting place for senior, international police and law enforcement officials to connect with governments, policy makers and sector professionals to discuss the key priorities shaping the future of policing, which includes the latest developments in technology. Manufacturers and service providers of technology and police equipment including communication equipment, jammers, surveillance and video analysis, CAD and RMS, Detection, Forensics, Mobile Technologies, AI, drones and mobility solutions are invited to showcase only the latest state of the art solutions to an international, high profile audience.

Which themes do you predict to lead this year’s Summit?

As a platform for international cooperation, the Summit will provide police and law enforcement agencies the opportunity to debate key trends and address the challenges and priorities created by smart cities, cybercrime, rapid population growth and urbanisation, evolving digital technologies, resource scarcity and the post-pandemic impact on public safety and security.


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