Radiflow and Mitsubishi Electric UK collaborate on cyber security standards

Radiflow and Mitsubishi Electric UK are collaborating to address the needs of IEC62443 cyber security standards in the Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Automation markets. The companys believe that the combination of the automation knowledge and tools of Mitsubishi Electric UK with the cyber security and IEC 62443 compliance skills of Radiflow will provide a holistic view of a client’s risk posture.

Radiflow will also provide Mitsubishi Electric UK customers with a consultancy service for cyber security, which includes the provision of OT security risk assessments, provision of Radiflow intrusion detection software and general advice on alignment with IEC 62443-3. In addition, the solution is intended to help customers to support asset owners in satisfying the requirements of the NIS Directive along with due diligence in alignment with CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) best practice.

“Our new collaboration with Radiflow provides expertise in the field of OT cyber security which compliments and broadens the services that we offer our customers through the Mitsubishi Electric UK System Service Operation,” said David Bean, Solutions Manager for Mitsubishi Electric UK. “There is a growing demand for solutions that address the requirements of cyber security in the OT space and we are looking forward to delivering those solutions and building our relationship further with the team at Radiflow.”

“Radiflow sees huge value for OT organisations to have cyber security services and solutions aligned with their automation systems,” added Ilan Barda, Founder and CEO of Radiflow. “By combining the automation knowledge and tools of Mitsubishi with the OT cyber security skills and tools of Radiflow, we are able to provide a holistic view of an organisation’s OT risk posture.”



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