Reconeyez launches new time-lapse service


Reconeyez is pleased to announce a new time-lapse service that allows users to “effortlessly capture captivating time-lapse videos of construction sites, real estate developments, or any other project requiring long-term progress tracking”.

According to Reconeyez, its new system is a perfect solution to address challenges in project monitoring, communication, marketing, and analysis. Time-lapse provides a comprehensive and visually appealing way to capture, document, and share the progress of projects, leading to improved efficiency, productivity, and informed decision-making, the company says.

After months of testing in different environments (TV tower, renovation of a private residence, and commercial building construction, to name a few), Reconeyez has seen that it can be a powerful tool in various sectors, from environmental protection to real estate development, and help with different business problems.

Not only does time-lapse give the customer more control over what is happening on the site – it provides them with visual proof!

The new service allows users to take high-quality images at set intervals automatically, offering a clear and concise visual representation of the entire project from inception to completion. It helps users to enhance project management and simplify progress sharing with your team, clients, and stakeholders.

Time-lapse is an additional service that can be activated for an extra fee via the Reconeyez cloud.

With the new time-lapse service, users can:

  • Access live time-lapse footage from anywhere, anytime, with a simple link.
  • Effortlessly share updates with your team, ensuring seamless collaboration.
  • Showcase significant project milestones such as groundbreaking, completion of major phases, and other key events throughout the project timeline, creating engaging visual narratives.
  • Enhance marketing efforts and effectively promote your brand and project progress by sharing captivating videos on social media to attract new customers.
  • Increase productivity by analyzing time-lapse footage to track project advancements and identify potential areas for improvement.

The time-lapse has the following features:

  • The customizable duration between captures (up to two pictures per hour, day or night photos).
  • Sharable link to the time-lapse video (new frames are added continuously).
  • Changeable speed (x0.25, x1, x3).
  • Easily downloadable video.

Contact Reconeyez today to find out more about the standalone security system and the new time-lapse service!

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