Reconeyez unveil the Bridge I/O


Reconeyez has released the new Bridge I/O, which in addition to providing the facility for users to easily arm and disarm the Reconeyez system from a third-party alarm system or device, provides many additional benefits.

With three inputs and five outputs, the Bridge I/O offers a high level of automation and security, allowing users to integrate third-party systems and sensors with their Reconeyez detectors.

Although Reconeyez products are designed for external environments, the Bridge I/O is mains powered with a battery backup that lasts up to 30 days. The Bridge I/O can be armed and disarmed on-site with a keypad, or remotely via cloud or the Reconeyez app. 

For example, when connecting the Bridge I/O to a third-party water level sensor and the water level rises to a predetermined threshold, it triggers your Reconeyez camera to capture a snapshot, providing real-time visual proof from the site, enhancing the overall security of your environment.

The Bridge I/O – Key Features and Benefits

  • Customised Solution: Tailor your security system to your precise needs by choosing from a wide range of compatible third-party sensors and systems. Your security infrastructure becomes truly bespoke, catering to your unique requirements.
  • Centralised Control: It is crucial to streamline the management of diverse security components. Centralisation simplifies this process, resulting in improved operational efficiency and cost savings.
  • Efficiency and Time Savings: The Bridge I/O helps you save valuable hours on setup, maintenance, and monitoring. Increased time efficiency directly translates into significant cost savings.
  • Scalability for Future Growth: As your security needs evolve, the Bridge I/O allows you to expand your security systems without major disruptions or expensive overhauls.
  • Expanded Sensor Integration: With three input channels, you can seamlessly integrate a diverse range of sensors and detectors into your security system. This versatility ensures that you can monitor different aspects of your environment, enhancing the overall security coverage.
  • Efficient Response Management: Five output channels provide an efficient way to manage security responses. In the event of a security breach, you can activate multiple security devices and systems simultaneously, ensuring a swift and coordinated response to threats. This level of automation improves your security system’s effectiveness.

“We developed the Bridge I/O to provide the maximum level of outdoor security with minimal effort and maintenance for our customers,” says Colin Harding, the head of hardware products at Reconeyez.


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