Reduce false call-outs by 99.9% with Reconeyez


A new case study from Reconeyez, speaking with Joe Webb, Director of Operations at M.S. Webb & Co Ltd, claims that it is possible to determine whether a call-out is necessary with almost perfect accuracy with Reconeyez solutions. Webb said its monitoring centre can make the correct decision with 99.9% accuracy, saving them time and resources and their clients from having to pay for false call-outs.

R: What problem does Reconeyez solve?

JW: “We were receiving a large amount of false alarms on our outdoor intrusion detection cameras.

“We work with cut-off areas that might be fenced off, so responding to alarms is time-consuming and costly.

“Reconeyez’s cloud-based AI false alarm reduction means we get a lot fewer false alarms sent to our monitoring centre. The great picture quality means our monitoring centre can make the right decision 99.9% of the time about whether a call-out is necessary.

“For us, Reconeyez is by far the best security system to use outdoors.”

R: What does M.S. Webb & Co Ltd do?

JW: “We offer a full asset management service for vacant commercial properties since 2007, including:

  • Enforcement
  • Repossessions / Lease Forfeiture
  • Trespasser Removal
  • Vacant Property Inspections
  • Waste clearance
  • And of course, security

R: Why did you choose Reconeyez?

Fewer site visits

  • Solar-powered bridge & long battery life
  • Significantly fewer false alarms

Higher quality service

  • Detection-range
  • The quality of the image
  • The quality and durability of the devices

R: How do you use Reconeyez?

JW: “M.S. Webb & Co Ltd has 321 Reconeyez devices in total. We use the Reconeyez devices for outdoor security but have been considering using the Sentinel PID Pro unit indoors, for example, in a large vacant warehouse.

“Depending on the situation, we use the Sentinel PID Pro units, Reconeyez detectors alone, or the Sentinel PID and Reconyez detectors together.”

Railway arches use case

JW: “One cool scenario we use the Sentinel PID for is railway arches in the Southwest of England. The property was having issues with antisocial behaviour, including fly-tipping. The problem persisted despite the client cleaning up the site and attempting to secure the area.

“We used three Sentinel PID Pro units underneath the bridge arches, with the bridges and solar panels a short distance away in the open area.”

R: What results have you seen?

JW: “The main difference we see is in the number of false alarms, which reduces the need for clients to pay for false call-outs and saves our team valuable time and resources.

“At the same time, Reconeyez offers our clients better peace of mind, knowing that the detectors will pick up anything potentially suspicious on their property.”

R: What do you like about Reconeyez?

  • Picture quality
  • Both the mobile app and website portal are very user-friendly
  • Engineers find Reconeyez set-up very easy
  • You can mark alarm areas (for example, excluding the area where traffic is going past the industrial yard gate)
  • You can download HD alarm images with timestamps
  • You can activate the siren manually after verifying the image first

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