RegulatingAI hosts a Congressional Staff Briefing on Artificial Intelligence (AI)


RegulatingAI recently hosted a Briefing to discuss pertinent subjects like Non-US Regulatory Approaches to AI and Ethical Considerations of Importance with Artificial Intelligence.

This Briefing addressed critical issues, highlighting the need for transparency, privacy and global harmonisation of AI Regulation. It also stressed on the urgency of addressing these concerns and the importance of collaboration among diverse stakeholders to promote responsible and just AI practices.

The 2 panel discussions comprised Speakers from the US, EU, India & Africa giving the Briefing a global representation. Sanjay Puri, founder of RegulatingAI said, “Global harmonisation on AI Regulation will be very important for this transformative technology as it knows no boundaries and we had a great discussion on what we all can learn on best practices from each other.”

The second panel was moderated by Michael Taylor, Government Affairs Manager of Regulating AI. Echoing Sanjay’s sentiments, Taylor added, “Transformative technologies like AI pose a particularly unique and difficult challenge for governments, public policy makers and regulators, so happy to have moderated such an educational panel focused on these issues of concern.”

Chiefs of Staff, Legislative Directors and Legislative Assistants from all the Congressional offices along with Senior Professional Staff on key Congressional Committees also attended.

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