RGB Spectrum and Russ Bassett partner to transform control room solutions

RGB Spectrum

RGB Spectrum® and Russ Bassett, two industry-leading innovative control room solutions providers, have announced their partnership to “transform the utility industry’s control room landscape”. Joining forces at DistribuTECH 2024 in California at the DistribuTECH 2024 trade show starting today (23 February, 2024), the two companies will display new products and technologies specifically designed for energy and utility environments.

The energy and utilities sector face unique challenges that demand sophisticated control room functionalities beyond simple monitoring. Recognising this, RGB Spectrum offers a comprehensive portfolio of video distribution, display, and recording solutions for these environments. Well known for its high-performance video wall processors, it has earned a reputation for enhancing decision-makers ability to visualize and manage complex, real-time data streams.

Recently, the focus has been on the operator console. RGB Spectrum is proud to offer its scalable XtendPoint™ KVM-over-IP solution (pictured top), expanding the possibilities for sharing data and work output over networks and allowing for removing computers from the console and into IT spaces. The system further replaces the clutter of a multitude of single-use monitors with typically two multiviewers, and all inputs are controllable by a single keyboard and mouse, resulting in better operator focus. To further enhance the user experience, RGB is debuting 43” curved monitors for a unified, wraparound display surface.

Attention to ergonomics is critical, RGB Spectrum says. But still to be addressed was the physical console itself. And for this purpose, RGB Spectrum recently teamed up with Russ Bassett, renowned for its control consoles, to enhance operator comfort and efficiency. With adjustable surfaces and monitor heights, Russ Bassett’s consoles provide operators with optimal viewing positions, minimising strain and fatigue during extended shifts. Together, RGB Spectrum and Russ Bassett deliver an optimal solution combining cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design, enabling utility operators to navigate complex environments confidently and precisely.

“Our partnership with Russ Bassett marks a significant milestone in our commitment to revolutionise control room solutions for the utility industry,” said Bob Marcus, CEO of RGB Spectrum. “By combining our expertise in audio-visual decision support with Russ Bassett’s ergonomic console design, we empower utility operators to optimise workflows, minimise downtime, and drive greater operational success.”

Attendees of DistribuTECH 2024 are encouraged to visit RGB Spectrum and Russ Bassett’s booth (#1007) to experience video processing solutions and innovative console design firsthand and discover how they can enhance their operations. The goal: Better Decisions. Faster.™

For more information, please visit www.rgb.com and www.russbassett.com.

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