RGB Spectrum expands real-time decision support

RGB Spectrum

RGB Spectrum has announced a series of new products and enhancements driving data availability and accessibility across the enterprise and between organisations.

The company’s video processing technology delivers visual information from any source to any destination, from a video wall in an operation centre, to a monitor in an office across a campus, or a cell phone anywhere in the world.

It allows personnel to collect data from sources located anywhere, view that information on whatever displays are available, and share resulting intelligence throughout a facility, an enterprise, even to a mobile workforce. 

The Zio is the backbone of RGB Spectrum’s decision support system. Zio provides powerful real-time audio and video distribution across packet-based networks, including local area networks (LANs), wide-area networks (WANs), virtual private networks (VPNs), and mobile networks.

As an open standards-based platform, Zio is compatible with third-party equipment and RGB’s full line of offerings: encoders, decoders, media servers, multiviewers, and video walls. 

New Fuel for the Ever-Growing Capabilities of the Zio Platform

  • Video Wall Technology: The Zio 4000 is a full-function video wall processor with advanced networking capabilities and is available as a stand-alone video wall solution or integrated with our enterprise-class platform. New enhancements include LDAP user authentication, display of locally stored videos, images, and the ability to display content using VNC or RDP. The Zio 4000 is TAA-compliant.
  • New Decoder: The new compact single-channel D2100 is RGB Spectrum’s latest H.264 decoder and offers a low-latency, high-quality performance model with HDMI or DisplayPort output options. It uses an embedded architecture for secure use and reliability. Made in the U.S.A., it is fully TAA-compliant.
  • Multiviewers: The QuadView® IPX multiviewer includes the ability to display up to four screens simultaneously. The QuadView IPX’s embedded architecture offers security without PC vulnerabilities to external tampering and hacking. It is an ideal solution for mission critical 24/7 operations, where reliability, security, high quality, and ruggedness count. Made in the U.S.A., it is fully TAA-compliant.
  • KVM-over-IP Solution: Secure communication and control are provided for both point-to-point extension and networked signal distribution and control over a standard Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure. Display options include both single view and multi-view monitors like the above. Used with the Zio 4000 platform, users can route encoded output from XtendPoint encoders to the video wall as well as to an operator’s desk. The TAA-compliant XtendPoint allows operators to control remote systems across a room or enterprise.

For a more information on the Zio portfolio, please visit booth #3K850 at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, or view our website at www.rgb.com. In addition, RGB Spectrum has appointed a new Regional Sales Manager for the EMEA region, Ken Pefkaros. Ken will be available at ISE to answer questions, introduce himself, and meet with contacts.

To contact Ken directly, please call him at +33 01 87 21 88 60.


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