RGB Spectrum’s video wall processor drives the Terminal Pacífico Sur Valparaíso massive video wall for 24/7 monitoring of operations

RGB Spectrum

RGB Spectrum have announced that its video wall processor has been installed for the command and control centre at the Port of Valparaiso, Chile’s second busiest port.

An upsurge in cruise and freight activity made it imperative that the port significantly enhance real- time monitoring of operations, including loading and unloading ships and detection of drugs and explosives, to enhance the ability of personnel to identify potential issues and respond rapidly and effectively.

The port enlisted the technical AV services of Convergint for the port’s command and control center at its Terminal Pacífico Sur Valparaíso SA. Convergint selected RGB Spectrum’s mission-critical video processor to power a massive video wall, comprising 33 HD displays forming a 130-square-foot display surface.

Critical decision-making relies on access to information. The video processor provides real-time acquisition of visual data sources, including computer feeds, an extensive array of surveillance video cameras throughout the facility, RFI (radio frequency) sensors on vessels and containers, VMS systems, access control systems, local and national news, and weather broadcasts.

The processor supports an extensive range of baseband and IP signal types, including IP streams, DVI/HDMI, and 3G/HD-SDI, consolidating and displaying them to provide personnel with enhanced situational awareness and a common operating picture for analysis and improved decision-making.

A single processor can power multiple video walls and other displays.

To further collaboration over a dispersed group of decision-makers, the RGB Spectrum processor provides for the remote distribution and sharing of any of any of its visual/data sources, a mimic of the entire video wall, or any region of interest via a LAN or WAN to anyone, anywhere on the network.

And with the Zio Mobile App, users can view these streams remotely even on a mobile phone or tablet. This unique capability provides remote stakeholders, including command personnel, first responders, and other departments and agencies, immediate access to mission-critical information.

Bob Marcus, CEO of RGB Spectrum, commented: “Our video wall processors are a vital part of our decision support solution. It is a crucial enabling tool that enhances data visualisation, situational awareness, a common operating picture and collaboration.”


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