Risk Ledger to manage NHS Test and Trace cybersecurity

NHS Test and Trace has announced that UK cyber security company, Risk Ledger will be in charge of managing its supply chain cybersecurity risks.

Henceforth, Risk Ledger will allow NHS Test and Trace to utilise its ‘social network’ platform and enable organisations to connect and share risk data securely, quickly and easily. This move is particularly crucial for the UK’s test and trace service, which involves the continued sharing of sensitive data to help control the spread of COVID-19 as lockdown restrictions ease.

The importance of securing supply chains has come into sharper focus due to recent high-profile incidents. Through the Risk Ledger platform, NHS Test and Trace will gain complete visibility of its supply chain, including data needed to identify, measure and mitigate any cyber threats that emerge.

“The government is working tirelessly to secure the nation online and grow the UK’s £8.9bn cybersecurity industry as we build back better from the pandemic, said Minister for Digital Infrastructure, Matt Warman MP. “We’re helping SMEs develop innovative products and services, and it’s great to see Risk Ledger, one of the firms we’ve supported, win this contract to protect the Test and Trace system and support the national effort against coronavirus.”

“NHS Test and Trace is essentially the biggest new start-up in the UK healthcare market, so we are delighted they have chosen to take advantage of our ability to provide enhanced visibility of their supply chain risks,” added Haydn Brooks, Risk Ledger CEO and co-founder.

“I am proud we will be part of the effort to secure this incredibly important supply chain. Healthcare organisations and their supply chains handle lots of highly sensitive data and have a high rate of data breaches. We have already seen during the COVID-19 pandemic that bad actors are actively targeting supply chains to access data and cause disruption.”



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