SafeBreach expands global reach with launch in EMEA

SafeBreach has announced the launch of their EMEA programme, which will aim to bring their dynamic continuous security validation platform to an EMEA audience. The SafeBreach platform enables security teams to assess the efficacy of their security ecosystem by safely executing attacks across the entire cyber kill chain to validate and optimise security controls, prioritise remediation efforts and mitigate critical gaps before a breach occurs. As a result, organisations gain visibility across siloed security solutions to reveal their actual risk and promote cross-functional mitigation efficiency.  

According to Gartner, “when CISOs include BAS as a part of their regular security assessments, they can help their teams identify gaps in their security posture more effectively and prioritise security initiatives more efficiently.” With the dramatic growth of the threat landscape, severely understaffed security teams and the constant march of digital transformation, BAS provides the empirical tool security practitioners need to validate their controls and gain visibility into their performance to reduce risk in this unprecedented environment. However, BAS tools remain critically underused in the EMEA market, leaving many security teams playing catch-up. 

SafeBreach plans to change that with its expansion into EMEA, a move that will not only give organisations in the region access to the pioneering platform, but also to the most robust partner ecosystem on the market. Organisations will be able to leverage the expertise of SafeBreach partners such as Service Now, Microsoft and IBM as they seek to shift their security strategy from defence to offence.

“We’re thrilled to expand our presence in the EMEA market and increase the availability of our widely used continuous security validation platform,” said Guy Bejerano, co-founder and CEO of SafeBreach. “Many organisations have responded to the current geopolitical landscape by buying more security products and hoping that will make them more secure. But hope is not a viable strategy. Right now, enterprises need stability and to ensure they can make the most with what they have. SafeBreach provides a holistic view of an organisation’s security posture, so they can take a data-driven approach to reduce risk using the security technologies they already have in place.”

To support their move into EMEA, SafeBreach has hired Manish Patel as VP of international sales. The appointment leverages Safebreach’s recent Series D funding round, new senior-level hires and strong 2021 performance to further drive customer adoption internationally. Manish will oversee growth in both the EMEA and APAC regions. His responsibilities will include developing SafeBreach’s go-to-market efforts, expanding relationships with enterprise customers and working with a dynamic EMEA team, including Brooke Pietsch, Saul Williams, Robin Stehlik, Yafit Shaoul, Tomer Erez, Stewart Keith Steven and Robert Peter Neal. Manish brings more than 20 years of experience in building and growing businesses. Most recently, he served as sales director, EMEA for Dataminr. Prior to Dataminr, he held leadership positions at Juniper Networks. 

“Until now, CISOs struggled to confidently answer how secure their organisations were to the ever-increasing number of cyber attacks and vulnerabilities,” said Patel. “Safebreach solves that problem, giving enterprises greater visibility into how their security controls are performing against these new emerging threats.”


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