Safeture presents a new book about Travel Risk Management


Mobility is increasing, but the world is a less safe place. To reduce risks, organisations must implement procedures and support for all their people who are not in the office. Now there is a free unique tutorial to educate and inspire in managing travel risks.  

Andreas Rodman, one of Safeture‘s founders, has gathered years of knowledge and insights into protecting people. The result is a book: Everything You Need To Know About Travel Risk Management. Bruce McIndoe, a Travel Risk Management expert, has provided valuable feedback.  

“This book started off as a simple highlights list for travel risk management (TRM), but during the writing process, it became an in-depth tutorial encompassing most areas within TRM. The book can now be seen as a guide to implementing your first travel risk management program with some interesting anecdotal facts for the more experienced readers”, Andreas Rodman comments.  

“We know that many people in HR, risk management, and security are thinking about how to deliver security for the organisation’s employees in challenging times, as the management of travel risks needs to be extended to include people risk management. This is a perfect guide that provides knowledge, facts, and tips for both the beginner and the more experienced user”, says Jonas Brorson, CMO at Safeture.  

The book is available for free on Safeture’s web and as a printed copy at Amazon.


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