Safeture’s tech elevates SEPAR International’s security services


Safeture AB has signed a three-year partnership agreement with SEPAR International Ltd, which is seen as a landmark for both companies.

Through the agreement, SEPAR International and its client will access Safeture’s technological platform for travel security, risk and crisis management, and emergency communication.

The central components of the platform are the Safeture Management Tool, with which companies can locate their employees anywhere in the world, communicate with them and support them in crises, and the Safeture App.

It offers users a real-time alert system on security-related issues in their environment and, using the Emergency Button, the possibility to call for help in an emergency with one click.

The app includes other features like country information, medical databases, flight information, currency converters, and e-learning. 

Meanwhile, SEPAR International Ltd specialises in risk management, training, and global operations and provides creative resolutions to solve complex problems in challenging environments.  

SEPAR International Ltd also has extensive experience in training and supporting the media and the humanitarian sector in hostile environments.

The company provides accurate and timely intelligence and information regarding cultural, political, legal, environmental, threat and risk data and conducts research and business intelligence to enable organisations to function effectively and safely.  

Karen Lawrie, Separ International’s CEO, commented, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Safeture. In an increasingly complex, hostile global landscape, we believe people and organisations deserve the right to safety, and Safeture’s technological platform will enable us to create innovative, highly individualised plans for the protection of our clients and employees.”  

Magnus Hultman, Safeture CEO, commented, “We are delighted to enter this partnership with SEPAR. Bringing our technology and their expertise to protect what matters the most, people.” 

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