Solaris SE taps Salt Security for API protection


Salt Security has announced that Solaris SE has deployed Salt Security’s API Security Platform to secure the company’s expanding API ecosystem.

Solaris’ technology enables businesses to seamlessly provide exceptional financial experiences to their customers through their smart APIs. Salt’s AI-infused platform provides Solaris with an API security solution that bolsters the company’s API discovery capabilities, while also strengthening posture governance mechanisms and threat protection from API-related attacks.

Leveraging the Salt platform, Solaris can continuously discover all APIs within its ecosystem to maintain a complete and accurate API inventory.

Salt provides Solaris with the dashboards required to maintain robust visibility into their API infrastructure to illustrate where security risks and posture gaps may persist, identify behavioural anomalies and potential attack activity, as well as streamline the process of API documentation to make more informed decisions about API usage.

“As an embedded finance platform, we rely extensively on APIs to serve our customers and partners and stay compliant with any applicable regulations,” said Nuno Teodoro, Vice President, Solaris SE, Group Cybersecurity. “That is why API security is such an important part of our ecosystem.

“Ensuring that we have comprehensive visibility into all API related activities is essential for protecting our customers’ personal and business information, while sustaining our core business operations. We looked at other solutions, but Salt Security was the clear industry leader.

“Salt provides us with the mechanisms required to maintain the utmost clarity when securing our APIs, boasting the means to not only uncover all of our APIs but also provide context into possible attack behaviours and posture gaps with accompanied remediation insights. All within a single, user-friendly interface, and a plethora of valuable integrations.”

Salt Security’s upcoming State of API Security Report 2024 reveals that 95% of respondents have experienced security problems in production APIs within the past 12 months.

The Salt Security API Protection Platform enables companies to identify risks and vulnerabilities in APIs before they are exploited by attackers, including those listed in the OWASP API Top 10. The platform protects APIs across their full lifecycle – from discovery to posture governance to threat protection.

For the latest low and slow attacks, Salt delivers context-based insights across the entire API lifecycle. Salt enables users to detect the reconnaissance activity of bad actors and block them before they can reach their objective.

Salt captures the depth of context that organisations need to identify and protect today’s ever-expanding API ecosystem with continuous discovery of APIs and exposed sensitive data, attack detection and prevention, and advanced shift-left capabilities. 

“As a pioneer of the banking-as-a-service market and now a leader in embedded finance, Solaris is changing the way organisations deliver financial services to customers. With a business model that is heavily dependent on APIs, securing such infrastructure is paramount,” said Brecht Seurinck, Sales Director at Salt Security. “We are honoured to work alongside an innovator like Solaris to strengthen visibility into their API ecosystem and enhance posture so that the company can continue its focus on delivering innovative digital solutions for its customers.”

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