SANS Institute announces cybersecurity training programme for Saudi Arabia

SANS Kingdom Cloud Security 2021 will be delivering relevant cybersecurity knowledge and skills required to protect organisations and their assets from 11-16 September this year.

With Saudi Arabia experiencing 7 million cyberattacks in just the first three months of 2021, SANS Institutewill be hosting its live online training program SANS Kingdom Cloud Security 2021 between 11th and 16th September. The event is set to help build practical cybersecurity skills needed to protect organisations and their assets.

Professionals registering for the SANS Kingdom Cloud Security 2021 event will be eligible to join an exclusive NetWars Tournament, which is a suite of hands-on, interactive learning scenarios that enable participants at all skill levels to develop and master real-world, in-depth skills needed to excel. NetWars features cutting-edge challenges and compelling integrated storylines. Participants will also be able to participate in SANS Summits, where they can elevate their knowledge, skills and industry connections.

In a report released in March 2021, cyber security firm Kaspersky found Saudi Arabia experienced 7 million cyberattacks in just the first three months of 2021. The jump was in sync with the Saudi government’s announcement restricting office work and other activities. The country was also subjected to more than 22.5 million brute force attacks in 2020 on Windows computers running remote desktop protocols (RDPs). Meanwhile, a staggering 95% of Saudi businesses have experienced at least one cyber-attack.

“SANS Kingdom Cloud Security 2021 will provide an immersive training experience, while imparting industry relevant and innovative content, alongside skills and techniques that will empower security professionals to defend organisations against breaches and future attacks, no matter how sophisticated they may be,” said Ned Baltagi, Managing Director, Middle East and Africa at SANS Institute.

At SANS Kingdom Cloud Security 2021, expert instructors and real-world practitioners will conduct live-streamed sessions to impart practical cybersecurity training. The event will have hands-on labs in a virtual environment and courses supported by electronic and printed books, including several that align with GIAC certifications.

Through the course, Borso will prepare security professionals to advise and speak about a wide range of topics and help organisation successfully navigate both the security challenges and opportunities presented by cloud services.

Course provides security professionals with the information they need to skilfully fight the VM battle. Includes lab exercises and the Cyber42 game that puts participants in the driver’s seat for the fictional Everything Corporation (“E-Corp”). 

In addition, SANS Cyber Safari 2021 will be held from 24th to 29th October. This event will unfold in-person in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, while simultaneously being live-streamed. The sessions include hands-on labs in a virtual environment, electronics and printed books, as well as courses that align with GIAC certifications.

SANS Cyber Safari 2021 will have classes taught in SANS’ unique In-Person Live Stream (IPLS) setting. This training modality allows for participants to come to the training venue and train in a dedicated classroom with live support from professional Teaching Assistants. 

SANS Kingdom Cloud Security 2021: Click here to register 

SANS Cyber Safari 2021: Click here to register


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