Secure Logiq aims for Net Zero

Secure Logiq has taken steps to reduce its impact on the planet by becoming CoolPartner number 16 with, a social enterprise creating new forests along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. The partnership will give Secure Logiq a verifiable nature-based solution to offset the carbon emissions created by the business as it looks to move first to net zero and then on to becoming carbon negative.

“The technology industry has a huge impact on our planet in terms of the energy used to first create and then run our products, and that is something we have to combat together,” said Secure Logiq’s Robin Hughes. “While one manufacturer can only make a small difference, when there are multiple companies all making positive changes, that can add up to a lot. Becoming a CoolPartner with Cloudforests is one positive step that we can take to reduce our environmental impact, and we hope that other technology companies will take similar measures so we can all start trying to reduce our impact and repair the damage we have already done.”

Secure Logiq’s partnership with Cloudforests will see the planting of the first Secure Logiq forest. This forest will contain native trees such as Oak, Rowan, Birch and Alder and will be located on the Loop Head peninsula at Doonaha. The trees will be planted using the Miyawaki Method which will provide carbon sequestration is up to ten times higher than conventional techniques.

“We can plant over 12,000 trees in an acre using this method, which means the first Secure Logiq forest will produce a negative carbon footprint of 144 tonnes per annum,” explains Cloudforests CEO, Bernard Pender. “We are delighted to have Secure Logiq as a CoolPartner. They have joined a community of like-minded companies that are actively working to make the planet cooler. Cloudforests aim to create over 100 forests along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way and having technology manufacturers like Secure Logiq join us on this journey is really important.”

The aim of the initial Secure Logiq forest is to offset the carbon it produces as a business, but this is only the first stage. “There are a large number of electronic security manufacturers that are already CoolParners and we are looking to work with them to help our shared customers make a real difference,” states Hughes. “Our long-term plan is to be able to offset the emissions of every server that we sell, so that our customers know that the environmental impact of their surveillance system is reduced. By working with other CoolParners we hope to take this further so that entire security systems can be carbon neutral. With a server that plants trees, we are helping our clients move towards net zero surveillance.”

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