Secure Logiq joins the Milestone Marketplace

Secure Logiq has become a Milestone partner with management servers and client machines added to the Milestone Marketplace. The move further strengthens the relationship between the two manufacturers, and enables Secure Logiq to support more Milestone projects.

Milestone Marketplace is a unique digital platform designed to help the manufacturer’s XProtect users build their security system with complementary products. The searchable site highlights products from trusted technology and solution service partners to allow users to find and compare software and hardware to ultimately build compatible systems that will meet their security needs.

Secure Logiq’s HPS-2U-U series high performance server optimised for Milestone XProtect software became the first product to feature on the Marketplace. Taking advantage of Milestone’s NVIDIA GPU support for video decoding when performing motion detection and other server side video functions, performance of the HPS-2U-U series is rated to 2000Mbps of continuously recorded incoming video data. Designed with mission critical resilience as standard, the HPS-2U-U is designed for higher camera counts with GPU video offload for motion detection, as well as projects with multiple mobile, web or desktop client viewing devices. It is available with up to 540TB of usable storage after RAID.

Also certified for Marketplace are the HPS-1U-MMS management server and HPC-MDS client machines. This means that users can now get a complete Secure Logiq end-to-end solution that is Milestone certified.

“Joining the Milestone Marketplace is an important step for Secure Logiq,” states Secure Logiq Sales Director, Ben Yoxall. “Choosing a server that is optimised for HD surveillance will ensure that you get the most out of your VMS. When this is further optimised to a specific VMS, as our HPS-2U-U, HPS-1U-MMS and HPC-MDS have been for Milestone’s XProtect, then you will get the ultimate experience. This recognition from Milestone means that our combined customers will now be able to get the best possible solution for their needs and we look forward to working closely with Milestone to further develop this relationship.”

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